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Anthony S. Adams

Anthony S. Adams, born 01 August in Wooster, Ohio and raised in Orange County, California, is a serial Silicon Valley Executive and Entrepreneur, who currently splits time between the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York.

Adams served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC), where he was Honorably Discharged and transitioned back into civilian life as a saturation, mixed-gas, and surface-air Diver for Oceaneering International (based in the Gulf Of Mexico). Adams specialized in offshore platform removal/inspection, initial well startup services and underwater demolitions (UDT) and salvage. He eventually transferred to their engineering division, Solus Schall (based in Texas, Scotland, Nigeria) and was responsible for the initial deployment of CAIRS (Computer Aided Inspection Reporting System) for Chevron Overseas Petroleum Inc. (COPI), providing real-time insights and inspection results for their Nigerian sub-sea oil and gas operations. Being ASNT certified for surface and underwater ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and visual inspection of offshore platforms, vessels, and pipelines; Adams also performed oil tanker and drill-vessel certification inspections for Lloyd's of London and Det Norske Veritas.

Upon leaving Solus Schall and relocating back to the United States, Adams founded Adams Computer Innovations ("ACI" - 1990 in Irvine, California), which later incorporated as Integration Technologies, Inc. with Adams being CEO and ran the successful midrange and mainframe computer systems integration and services consulting firm. In 1991, "I.T. Inc" was the initial investor for Idea Technologies allowing the firm to build and distribute one of the first add-on PC based, ISA card, mainframe/midrange emulation solutions available. Adams sold Integration Technologies in 1993 and then briefly worked for 3Com Corporation before moving to one of their largest clients, Wells Fargo Bank. This relocated Adams from Southern California to the San Francisco Bay Area where he served as the bank's top technologist and network architect. He was responsible for the final migration of Wells' network from Wellfleet to 3Com1, and telecommunications integration of acquired First Interstate Bancorp30. Adams was also the team lead responsible for service restoral and network re-design after the September 1996 outages that forced the bank to miss the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank's FedWire28.

In late 1996, Adams started with FORE Systems as a senior, pre-sales engineer and a short time after made the move from technical sales support to product management. Adams took over all product responsibilities for the acquired Berkeley Networks31 line of award-winning, intelligent switching platforms and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming the Senior Director (head of both product management and product marketing) for the Multi-Gigabit Frame Switching Division. Adams was responsible for over 20 product lines and led the ideation, build, launch, support for, and life-cycle for numerous award-winning Ethernet and ATM/frame edge switching platforms4. The Center contributed to many corporate patents relating to intelligent routing protocols, data buffering algorithms, parallelized cryptography, and responsible for the ESX Multi-Gigabit Layer-3 Switching Platform, measured as the fastest available non-blocking router in 19985.

In 1999, General Electric Company, plc ("GEC") sold its defense electronics business to British Aerospace, acquired FORE Systems for $4.5b26, and changed its name to Marconi plc (Marconi Communications). A short time after, Adams was asked to help evolve the legacy product teams into, and head the Silicon Valley Technology Center3, which was one of three global technology and R&D centers focused on driving new product development, increasing commercialization within the intellectual property portfolio, core R&D, and acquisitions. The primary focus of Adams' Center was the Broadband Routing and Switching (BBRS) driving research and development (R&D) in high-speed packet/frame switching technologies, intelligent routing algorithms, cryptography, ASIC/DSP design, and was a leader in Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label Edge Routing (LER) functionality. Lack of ATM adoption and proliferation of Gigabit Ethernet in the Enterprise forced Marconi to transition from R&D to an OEM/ODM model. Adams dissolved the Silicon Valley Technology Center in 2002.

Adams set his focus on Cradle Technologies (the third spin-off of Cirrus Logic) and helped the Fabless Semiconductor's migration from video processing to cryptography and telecommunications processing. He worked alongside Silicon Valley luminaries such as Dr. Suhas Patil (Cradle Chairman)and Michael Hackworth (Cradle Board Member) to define and develop telecommunications functionality for Cradle's revolutionary System-On-A-Chip (SOC) which integrated a parallel compute cluster of 24 Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and 4 RISC Processors, surrounded by high-performance software-defined I/O Subsystem. Adams created Cradle's Global Strategic Partner Alliance, built the first reference designs, managed a combined global engineering team of 80 and spent a significant amount of time in Pune, India. He was a frequent guest speaker at College of Engineering, Pune and University of Pune on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. A reduced version of Cradle's chip set an industry record for the highest single-chip DSP performance6. Adams is an investor in Cradle Technologies.

Out of a personal need for reliable, multi-megabit Internet access, finding it nearly impossible to have installed in less than 30 to 60 days and without deploying expensive, complex equipment or digging up the street; Adams founded Egation Communications in 2002 from his kitchen table. He built the San Francisco Bay Area based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) from scratch with an initial seed round of $100k and two subsequent funding rounds. Egation focused on delivering high-speed Internet access, private network services, and voice-over-IP (VoIP) Telephony Services7,8 and was a leader in deploying fixed microwave wireless technology to support Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) and Point-to-Point (PtP) services in the licensed and unlicensed U-NII & ISM wireless bands9. Egation was also one of the top FCC license holders in the San Francisco Bay Area for 11GHz and 24GHz Fixed Wireless10 and the first deploy 60GHz and 80GHz licensed multi-gigabit wireless backhaul. Egation also held numerous FCC 3.5GHz Experimental Base Station Licenses. Webex was one of the company's first clients who relied on Egation to save the day after having last minute installation issues with a dedicated, high-capacity DS3 circuit to support the ribbon cutting and press event for what would later be named 'Webex Tower' in Santa Clara. Egation was able to deploy its unique wireless solution from scratch, supporting +45Mb, in less than 24-hours. Webex continued to use the company as a trusted business continuity and disaster recovery partner.

Adams Sold Egation to Wiline Networks in 2004 with over 300 commercial multi-tenant properties online and 1.5k customers active. Adams continued with Wiline, helping manage exponential growth in service area and client base until 2006. Egation/Wiline assisted BridgeWave Communications in setting a 60GHz licensed wireless distance record in 200511. Adams also spoke at numerous industry events including the Keynote General Session for Broadband Wireless World12 and co-hosted FCC Chairman, Michael Powell, at Broadband Access Network Coordination (BANC) Group's General Session in 2004.

In 2006, Adams founded Anthocaré Group, consisting of Anthocaré Media, Anthocaré Vineyards, and Anthocaré Ventures. Anthocaré Media was a successful digital agency focused on assisting traditional print publishers in converting their magazines and books to digital format. The team produced over 15k pages per month for multiple publishers incorporating high-fidelity elements such as flash, video, dynamic ads, and related content feeds. Anthocaré Media was also the U.S. outsource partner of choice for Zinio in digital pre-press. Anthocaré Vineyards is Adams' passion and a self-funding hobby that produces limited production, single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. Anthocaré Ventures was formed to help give back the start-up community by providing micro-seed funding, consulting, and resources to help Entrepreneurs mature their early concepts. Anthocaré Group also leveraged Adams prior technology experience, and he served as Interim Chief Technologist for Zinio (just after their acquisition by David Gilmour) and as the Enterprise Network and Systems Architect designing the infrastructure for Solyndra's new HQ and Fab in Milpitas, CA. Adams also worked with Astreya Partners to provide technology, strategy, and operational solutions for their numerous local and international clients.

Adams Joined Think Services (a UBM Company) in 2008 as their CIO and Vice-President of Technology Strategy and Implementation. Adams was one of the first divisional CIO's hired after the breakup of acquired CMP Media14 and was responsible for all enterprise business systems and digital/online properties within Think Services' brands which included Game Developer, HDI, and ICMI. Think Services' charter within UBM was to build engaged communities through being an innovative media provider for owned and acquired brands that did not organically fit elsewhere in the UBM business portfolio. Wanting to leverage his roots, Adams built an internally focused software-as-a-Service (SaaS) group that worked across divisions and UBM businesses to define best practices, unify product and development requirements, and increase cross-company reuse. This Intrapreneurial SaaS Group built and deployed a world-class live event schedule tool (Schedule Builder) and a subscription based portal for archived event content monetization (Vault) which contributed significantly to organic revenue at impressive margins in the first year. During the same time, Adams spearheaded the digital re-platforming of both Game Developer and HDI while divesting ICMI into UBM Live (a UBM Company), and deploying CRM and a unified data warehouse. Adams was also a key member in the acquisition and integration of Game Advertising Online (GAO)15, a programmatic advertising platform and network for online games. Adams served on Think Services' Executive Team and Board of Directors.

Think Services was merged with TechWeb in early 2010, forming UBM TechWeb. Adams was promoted to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Senior Vice-President for Marketing Services, Product Strategy, and Delivery16 where he was responsible for marketing services, client delivery, custom/native content, product development, advertising/marketing/event/content technology, and strategy within TechWeb's portfolio of brands (which included InformationWeek, Web2.0, Black Hat, InterOp, Dark Reading, and GDC to name just a few). He led the life-cycle and evolution of TechWeb's product roadmap for advertising, lead generation, and native content solutions with a "Customer-In" approach. Using an innovative combination of "Day-In-The-Life-Of-Customers" (DITLOC) field research and Customer Journey Mapping, Adams' product line initiatives and improvement increased engagement, added stickiness for consumers, and provided differentiation by delivering unparalleled customer experiences and brand destinations.

Adams was also executive sponsor and chief technologist for one of UBM's largest back office efforts, Events2.0, a live event management and eCommerce platform for UBM's U.S. events portfolio handing over 40 live events (from across the UBM U.S. portfolio) in its first year. He was also responsible for re-platforming and unifying 50+ web properties and 150+ blogs driving reductions in costs and process improvements within editorial and operations. Adams was hand selected by UBM's CEO to attend and successfully complete the prestigious Duke University & UBM Business Leaders Program, spending time in the U.K. and India. Adams was a member of TechWeb's senior operating board and served as co-chair of the Marketing Services Board Committee where he was instrumental in managing the evolution of TechWeb's offerings from marketing services to Marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) offerings17 and co-led UBM's first Global Online Marketing live event, launch of UBM's Online Best Practices (OBP) brand, and help integrate acquired Online Marketing Summit32.

In late 2011, Adams moved to Ziff Davis Enterprise as their Senior Vice-President of Products (Chief Digital Officer/CDO)18 where he led ZDE’s overall corporate strategy, business development, social strategy, and was responsible for all aspects of the Online and Digital business units. In August 2011, Adams led the cross-functional team that was responsible for conception and realization of ZDE’s OmniDigital Strategy, converting the business to an all-digital, anytime, anywhere footprint with several unprecedented tablet and mobile product launches. OmniDigital was announced on October 26, 201119 and represented one of the largest changes B2B Media had seen in several years20. Over the next three months, Adams led the definition, build, and successful launches of many industry firsts;

  • Launched SmartEngage Ad Suite moving display ad success measurement from Impressions to Engagement23 and was the precursor to the IAB's Rising Stars ad unit initiative.
  • Launched tablet optimized “Touch” web properties supporting all major Tablet devices21 Launched 46 native and web applications supporting ALL Ziff Brands and ALL major mobile, smartphone, and tablet devices20.
  • First live digital event supporting web, mobile, and tablet engagement simultaneously with integrated social interaction, all in real-time22.
  • Launched ZDE’s Advertising Solutions Portal to help advertisers better select and optimize online advertising products and campaigns23.
  • Launched SmartSocial, first to deploy LinkedIn’s Group API for professional social curation and engagement27.
  • Converted all print magazines to digital, discontinued print and stabilized both ad revenues and circulation19.

For these accomplishments, Adams was (one of three ever) to be nominated for the MINs/Folio 'Genius Award'24. He was also nominated for Folio's 'Folio: 40' and BtoB Media Business 'Top Innovators in Business Media' and the digital team he hand built was nominated for MINs/Folio 'Digital Team of the Year24. Adams served as the public face for ZDE at industry events, for analysts, and press. He was also ZDE's representative for the IAB where he was involved in the Performance Marketing and B2B committees and an early founding member of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence. On February 6, 2012 QuinStreet (NASDAQ:QNST) announced the purchase of a majority of the ZDE media assets25. With all employees being let go, Adams stayed in New York for a week after the close of the transaction, leveraging his network and working to help his former colleagues and team locate new opportunities.

While still on the East Coast and looking for his next opportunity, Adams founded Ronin Brand Partners, a digital media think-tank and strategy consultancy with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. During this time, Adams served as;

  • Advisor to A.D.D. Media on the launch of "Citizen" and "Citizen NY", a digital magazine supporting high fidelity reading experience and immersive advertising on iOS devices.
  • Advisor to Martin Hensel (Founder and President) of Texterity on improvements to product features and roadmap for mobile and tablet experiences, as well as editorial process automation. Godengo acquired Texterity in 2012.
  • Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO) for the Free and Accepted Mason of California where he led the Electronic Heath Record (EHR/HIPAA) initiative, Digital Document (eDiscovery and retention) initiative, and Human Capital Management (HCM, HRIT, Workday, payroll) rollout. Served as Chief Security/Compliance Officer (CSO) for both the healthcare and membership lines of business. Implemented business, security, and privacy policies. Upgraded all major IT systems, rolled out new email architecture, deployed business continuity strategy and unified backup.
  • Strategy Consultant for CurtCo Robb Media / Robb Report and was recommended by a Board Member to assist in the digital division turn-around by devising and operationalizing strategies to improve product lines and digital experience, broaden reach and increase audience acquisition, re-tool outdated/legacy technology platforms, and create a compelling digital business model to support recapitalization efforts.

A short time after being recommended by a Board Member to assist CurtCo Robb Media (Robb Report) with their digital business model and strategy, he was quickly hired as their Senior Vice President of Digital Technology and Development. The first few months focused on revigorating the culture and delivering improvements based on the strategy developed while consulting and only utilizing existing staff and systems;

  • Shifted legacy ideation methods and development process to an iterative, collaborative, agile model.
  • Delivered standardized product packaging and pricing decreased proposal/RFP complexity and immediately improved margins.
  • Evaluated every product for financial contribution, performance, repeatability and made improvements to stabilize.
  • Leveraged data insights and rigorous consumer/advertiser feedback to make fast and iterative changes to digital experience and UI/UX for all web properties.
  • Added core functionality to home-built CRM to provide much-improved revenue forecasting, insights into inventory, and standardized (validated) all reporting.
  • Reconfigured advertising technology stack to correct inventory forecast, improve yield, and reduce paid traffic spend to deliver committed business.
In Q4'2014, as part of acquisition due diligence, Adams and Stephen Colvin (working as a consultant for the private equity firm and who would later become CurtCo's COO and President of Digital) rewrote the entire digital business model from scratch. The revamped model took advantage of an investment opportunity and influenced every facet of the business and strategy including P&L and budgets, staffing and organizational structure, products and services, business process and systems. This new plan of record helped lead to a successful recapitalization in December, 2014 by Rockbridge Growth Equity20 and is still core to the business.

Post close, Adams was responsible for leading all aspects of digital operations and website/digital properties, engineering and development, performance marketing, advertising and campaign delivery/optimization, digital analytics and financial insights, pricing and packaging, and revenue realization for the digital business. Improvements and highlights include;

  • Identified an acquisition target in Q1'2015, nurtured the relationship at executive/board level and handled crisis-management. Co-led and managed valuation and due diligence activities.
  • Created Analytics and Data Sciences Team from scratch to deliver single-source of truth, deepen insights, provide improved decision support, and voice of the customer analytics.
  • Deployed Tag Management, full Adobe Marketing Cloud, developed custom events/triggers to enable marketing automation and customization/personalization.
  • Created method for detecting ad-blocking, accurately measuring effects, and deployed an effective method to mitigate monetization effects.
  • Unified consumer/audience database containing demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data from all online and offline touch points (web, e-commerce, apps, newsletter, 1st and 3rd party digital campaign analytics, various DMPs, print subscriptions, event attendance). Enabled use and support for customer-centric business initiatives including audience acquisition, personalization/customization, targeted campaigns, and a new research line of business.
  • Deployed responsive designs for all properties (web, newsletters, custom/native content sites, and mobile) radically increasing all digital metrics across the board.
  • Recruited, motivated, retained, and managed an exceptional digital team in Malibu, New York, Detroit, and seamlessly integrated multiple international partners.
  • Built Robb Report Luxury Group, a network of sites with a global targeted unique reach of +6M. Deployed and managed all comScore Property and Custom Entities, and managed negotiations and relationships with publishers and partner networks to increase reach and improve campaign performance.
  • Reconfigured Advertising Technology Stack (AdTech), Operational Management System (OMS), and Marketing Technology Stack (MarTech) to improve yield, provide quantified audience and engagement measurements. Integrated AdTech, MarTech, OMS, CRM, and Financial forecasting/reporting to provide end-to-end insights and empower data based decisions.
  • Transition company to an iterative and agile process (measure, test, change, evaluate, repeat) for all initiatives and activities, allowing the team to drive an unprecedented amount of testing, change, and improvement.
  • Re-defined custom/native content product lines, radically increasing client/advertiser value, revenue, and margin.
  • Deployed innovative advertising units, custom/native content solutions, and effective social media products that maintained the highest $CPMs and engagement rates in the market. Leveraged Flite, in-house creative, and 3rd parties to exceed client expectations and engage audience/visitors.
In December of 2015, wanting to return to his technology and early stage comapny roots, Adams joined TapClicks as their Senior Vice President of Products and Solutions33. He leads the company's overall platform strategy and solutions management, customer experience, product definition, market presence and helps drive the company's vision, focusing on delivering innovation across its product lines.

TapClicks is a leading marketing technology company for agencies, media companies, brands, and enterprises. Its integrated Marketing Operations Platform includes sales enablement, workflow and order management, analytics, and automated reporting -- all within a single intuitive user interface available on demand in the cloud.  TapClicks has delivered over 1,000,000 dashboards to over 5,000 brands and over 500 media companies and agencies worldwide. The TapClicks platform leverages over 150 native API integrations with leading marketing and advertising platforms and rounds out its solution with ImportWizard, which enables the platform to use data from virtually any source. TapClicks was founded in 2009, is headquartered in Silicon Valley, has development and sales offices in Boston and Canada and sales offices in Europe and Latin America.

Over the course of 2016, Adams gained executive responsibility for overall Marketing, PR, and Operations in addition to his existing Corporate Strategy and Product roles. Helping guide the company to a period of unprecedented customer and revenue growth, radical expansion in product capability and solutions, closing a successul funding round ($5m Dedicated Credit Facility with future expansion to $100m), being named one of Inc. Magazines Fastest Growing Companies (#87 Overall, #4 For Marketing/Advertising, and #22 in California), winning a number of industry accolades (Red Herring Top 100,MiTX Innovation Award, LSA Ad-To-Action Winner, just to name a few).

Adams left TapClicks in late December of 2016 and turned his attention back to Ronin Brand Partners fueling his passion for driving innovations in Publishing, Marketing/Advertising Technology, and helping drive a new era of Digital Adoption in Media.

For Speaking Engagements, Consulting Opportunities, or just to get in touch with A2, you can email him at

Board Memberships and Founderships

  • Member, Project Lead The Way Consortium Board (2012-Present)
  • Member, Ronin Brand Partners Board (2012-Present)
  • Founder and Chief Winemaker for Anthocaré Vineyards - A specialty wine vintner (2006-Present)
  • Founder and CEO of Anthocaré Group - Digital Media Consultancy and Micoseed Investment Fund (2006-Present)
  • Advisor, Decisions on Demand (2012-2013)
  • Member, Ziff Davis Enterprise Executive Committee (2012)
  • Member, UBM TechWeb Operating Board (2011-2012)
  • Co-Chair, UBM TechWeb Marketing Services Board Committee (2011-2012)
  • Member, UBM Think Services Board of Directors (2008-2010)
  • Founder and CEO of Egation Communications, Inc. - CLEC specializing in fixed wireless access solutions (2002-2004)
  • Board Member, PC Communications, Inc. - Multimedia streaming and Production Company (1996-1997)
  • Board Member, MadCaster, Inc. - DVD authoring/replication and rich media delivery consultancy (1993-1994)
  • Founder and CEO of Adams Computer Innovations/Integration Technologies, Inc. - Systems consulting firm specializing in mid-range and LAN system integration (1991)


Fun Stuff

  • Participated in numerous Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Club and Solo races with top divisional standings (1987-1990)
  • Founding Member of Ortega Canyon Auto and Cycle Racing Club (1987-1992)
  • Private Pilot License - VFR with Complex, High-Performance, & Tailwheel Endorsements (1990)
  • Crew Chief for Gene Smith of Joe Smith Racing's Exhibition Fuel (nitro-methane) Harley Dragbike Team (1991-1992)
  • Participated in numerous offshore boating events, Captaining a Predator Offshore 244 and Hustler Powerboat's 50 Monster (2004-2006)
  • Crew Member for Todd Souza's Car 13 and 6 NASCAR Race Team (2005-2006)
  • Master Mason and Lodge Trustee - Alameda Lodge No. 167 of Free and Accepted Masons (F&AM)
  • 32° Mason - Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Oakland Valley

In The Press


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